Monday, June 8, 2015

The Spelling of Grey - A One Vowel Revolution

                I chose the Gray Squadron Pilot as by blog's mascot for two reasons. The first is that the Y-wing has always been my favorite Star Wars ship in the movies and video games. Fantasy Flight Game is amazing at game creation they were able to capture the essence of the Y-wing perfectly, making it my favorite ship in X-wing Miniatures. But the second reason I picked the Gray Pilot is a little less obvious. I wanted an icon.
                When I initially started writing, yes, I did spell the color wrong. I have always preferred grey to gray and therefore didn't give it a second thought as I wrote it out. But when I discovered my mistake I decided to keep it. It is not enough for me to just accept something for the way it is. In a complicated game like X-wing Miniatures, it can be easy to fall into set definitions to streamline our learning. But once we learn the game we shouldn't stop our progression and stick to set ideas. Mastery of a skill does not involve checking off a list of tallies. It means becoming so good that you can take all the parts around you and know how to blend them together to make something new and beautiful. It means creating the trend of the game, not just following behind a wave of what other people have done.
                By no means do I intend for my ideas to set the trends of X-wing. Instead, what I want is for my writing to spark a creative outlook in readers and help them in their process of mastering this game. Hence the Gray Pilot. I kept the initial mistake because it embodied my desire to look at supposedly useless pieces in a whole new light. The Gray Squadron Pilot may be an overpriced squad ship that never sees competitive play but the Grey Pilot is a revolutionary man. With a little bit of ingenuity and practice the Grey Pilot can move from being just poor to being a team player with an actual purpose.
                I guess you could call me an idealist both in the way I live and in the way I play games. But idealism isn't passively wishing that things were better. It is actively working to help others and yourself reach the best state that we can be in. And it is my firm belief that we will make it there eventually. So what kind of ships do you fly in X-wing? Set ships with rigid roles and rules or ships bursting with untold potential? And for that matter, what kind of person are you? The difference could just be in how you spell the color grey.

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