Monday, July 27, 2015

My First X-wing Miniatures Repaint - The Poor Grey Pilot

                I don't consider myself an artistic person but I discovered something today. You don't have to be talented to do repainting. Ever since I started playing X-wing I wanted to have a Gray Y-wing to fly, especially since 2 of the pilots are from Gray Squadron. So I finally got around to buying a second Y-wing miniature. Let me tell you my thoughts and what I did.
                After a little research I found that acrylics work really well with miniatures. You can go to game stores and find acrylics made just for miniatures or you can be like me and go to a craft store. Craft acrylic paint is too thick and globs easily on miniatures so if you are going to use it you need to thin it down with some water. Once I got the desired color and constancy then I was ready to paint. I wanted the smallest tip of paint brush that I could find so that my job wouldn't be overly hard. Using light dabs of paint, and a little patience, I carefully painted over the gold patterns on my Y-wing. It didn't turn out perfect but honestly, the slightly unkempt style works really well with the worn look of the Y-wing.
                The art of the Gray pilots shows the painted stripe on the head to be more thin and delicate than the one on my miniature. But not only would that have been a much harder job, it wouldn't have let me cover up the yellow paint that is originally there. Who knows, maybe in my next project I would take a try at stripping paint and redoing it fully. Until then I am very content that my Poor Grey Pilot has a ship to call his own.