Friday, October 9, 2015

Please Pardon the Dust - A Poor Grey Pilot Blog Update

                Hi readers. You probably have noticed a few changes on the blog. Please note that I plan on continually updating and making changes and I apologize in advance for that. Like Utah Highway Construction, changes will be constant but for your benefit. Or to make a more appropriate analogy, I want my blog to be living and change just as much as the X-wing Miniature game breathes and grows.
                One of the big things I am working on is creating a better comment system. Right now my Blogger template doesn't offer a "Write a Comment" button at the end of posts. (At least from what I've tried to find). All it has is the generic "Comments" button. I am researching a smoother mechanic but until I get it, please know that to comment on a post you need to click the button that either says "No comments" or "X Comments". For any blessed soul out there who know more about Blogger than I do, please comment and let me know what works for you!
                Finally, this is a perfect time to get some feedback. What kinds of things do you want to see more of on the Poor Grey Pilot? Rethinking and creating viable builds from supposedly useless pieces of the X-wing game? Spotlights on less used and underappreciated pilots? More fun custom creations? Or something else? I have put up a poll that will run for the rest of the month. Please leave your feedback as to what you'd like to see! And if you have any ideas or topics you'd like to share, leave me a comment. (See above for comment instructions, lol).
                Thanks for the help and for your continued reading! Have a great day out there in the universe.

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