Monday, February 1, 2016

My Fourth X-wing Miniatures Modification - A Smorgasbord of Projects

                This week I am happy to present some of the painting mods I've been doing on the side. Sometimes it is really nice to take a break from strategy and just enjoy a fun hobby.

Rebels' New TIE
                When the First Order TIE Fighter was announced, I wasn't one of the people who jumped on the bandwagon of repainting existing TIE miniatures. First, I am not brave enough to try white paint yet. But I was also suspicious that the TIE/fo would make an appearance as its own ship in the X-wing game. So when The Force Awakens came out I was able to pick up three of the new ships without having to repaint.
                But things were a little different when the mid-season trailer for Rebels came out. They showed a new type of TIE Fighter. Some have theorized that it is the precursor to the TIE Interceptor. I personally think it is one of the transitional stages between the V-wing and the TIE Fighter, just like how the AT-OT was a transition between the AT-TE and the AT-AT. But regardless, there is more than a good chance that this type of TIE won't be appearing as its own ship. And this mod would require no scary white paint.
                It was a delicate but simple job of cutting away the front two panels of each wing. Then I sanded down the plastic so the cuts would be nice and smooth. And finally, I put on some grey paint to help the new lines blend in. It was an enjoyable project and also a fun new look for the TIE Fighter.

Engine Glow
                I have seen a lot of miniature repaints involving engine glow and I must say that I do not have the skill to repeat it. The shading, the different colors, and the pop: I can somewhat understand it, yet I am not sure how to create it myself. But honestly I am ok with something easier.
                For the X-wing, I simply added some red into the inside rims of the engine exhausts. For the Hawk, I painted blue over each engine section then dabbed the paint on the top. That way only the paint in the crevices remained. They both give a good feel of engines for me. 

Paint Tune Up
                Next on my list was my gold Y-wing. I like the color scheme it has but I do not like how faded it looks. So I got some goldenrod paint and I went over it. There really isn't that big of a difference but the yellow stands out more. And to finish it off I added a dollop of red to the top of the R5 unit.

Finn's Helmet
                My last repaint actually isn't a starship miniature. But the story is so great that I had to share it. I won one of the games at my family's Christmas Party and received a prize. It turned out to be a 12 inch figurine of the new Episode 7 Stormtrooper. Later that day my young nephew approached me and asked if he could play with the Stormtrooper. Knowing that there was a big chance of things going missing with my whole extended family present, I opted to not open it and pointed him towards the Family Room's big toy box. However, I did not keep a close eye on him and, much to my chagrin, he was later found with it red handed. Now, it would have been fine except for the fact that he was literally red handed: he had also found himself some red lip balm.
                Needless to say, my once brand new Stormtrooper was now slightly pink. But I decided to make the most of the situation. After a lot of thought, I was inspired by Finn's helmet from the Force Awakens. The red paint actually helps the pink splotches blend in, making them less noticeable to the eye. And even if you are looking for them they now look like residual stain from the "blood". Plus it gives the figurine a lot more personality. My camera didn't show it as well as in person but here is before and after my paint job.

                And that's it for me this week. Thanks for checking out my repaints, I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any comments about the miniatures you have worked on. Have a great week flying your custom creations!

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