Monday, September 28, 2015

My Third X-wing Miniatures Modification - The E-wing & Hot Shot Blaster

                     So here's the thing. I actually started my E-wing mod long before my Starspeeder. As much as I love the E-wing I have never liked the dorsal cannon. I understand that the ship is supposed to be next-gen but that gun always looked out of place to me.
                Using a little pressure I was able to work the dorsal cannon out of its slot. Yes, you do need to work carefully when modding miniatures but I honestly found that they are surprisingly elastic and resistant. However, once I got the gun out I really had no idea what to do. Anything I tired didn't look any better to me than the original. And so I sat on it for a few weeks.
                Finally, after enough simmering on the back burner I came to my conclusion. I thought the look of the new Kihraxz was pretty slick and so I just filled in the hole where the cannon had been. It was a simple solution but I like it.
                What about the leftover cannon? I couldn't let it go to waste. So I looked around at my other ships to see if anyone needed an extra gun. And I finally found my answer in the "Hot Shot" Blaster. I cut off the extra plastic and glued the gun onto the side of one of my Black Sun Headhunter.
                When I did my analysis of the new Scum Faction I included a look at the Illicit upgrade slot. At the time I didn't include the Hot Shot Blaster because I honestly couldn't find anything "inhumane" about the weapon. But when I attached my own Hot Shot onto my Headhunter I finally realized why it is an illicit weapon. It is installed and hidden inside the hull of the ship...the same place where vital ship systems are supposed to be housed. What had to be removed to make room for this one-shot turret? Life Support? Long Range Scanners? These poor saps have to fly breathless or blind because the guys up the chain of command want some extra firepower in the fleet. But hey, that is just another day in the life of the Scum of the galaxy.
                Anyways, by no means are these the neatest mods but I sure do like them! And I hope you will too.

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