Friday, September 11, 2015

My Second X-wing Miniatures Modification - The Star Tours Starspeeder 1000

                Welcome back, PGP fans. Before I went off to Disneyland I promised I had something in store for you. I am now happy to present to you my second X-wing miniature modification. When I set plans for a vacation at "The Happiest Place On Earth" I knew that I would be able to purchase Star Tours memorabilia at the souvenir shop. Sadly, upon going I was told that they had discontinued their line of model Starspeeders. However, they did still carry the toy version. The toy Starspeeders are approximately 2.5 inches long and have little wheels like a Hot Wheels car. So they are a bit unproportional when compared to X-wing miniatures but honestly they still fit in rather nicely.
                The first part of the modification was quite simple. I used a small Philips screwdriver to remove the screws in the bottom and took out the wheels. It was the second part where it got hard. If I owned a drill, I could have easily drilled through the bottom piece to create a mounting hole for the pegs. That is the recommended course of action. But since I didn't have a drill I had to be a bit creative. I took a small nail and carefully heated the tip. And with cautious precision I drove the nail through the plastic like an awl through leather. Did I mention that I took every precaution while doing this? Once I had the hole, I placed a peg inside with glue. I got the angle right and set in down for the night to dry. The next day was just simply putting the screws back in and mounting it on the stand.
                I plan on using my Starspeeder to replace the 2D Senator Shuttle in the first mission: Political Escort. Now I just need some icy comets to replace my asteroids and I can reenact the original Star Tours adventure! As for casual Standard play, I'm still working out all the details. I like keeping the shuttle's stats of 2 Agility and 6 HP. And because the Starspeeder has forward lasers I am giving it a 2 Attack Foward Firing Arc. This now sounds a lot like a bare Tie Bomber but the upgrades would be different. It makes sense for the Starspeeder to have the Astromech and Crew Slot and possibly even a Systems suite. There is still lots of play-testing to be done.
                I don't plan on painting the model, I really like the Star Tours orange. Let me know in the comments below what you would give a Starspeeder for stats, point cost, and maneuver dial. I took a photo with an X-wing in order to compare size. Thanks for reading!


  1. Really nice ! I always wanted one of this figure as a child (and I still want one !). As a big Star Wars fan, I loved Star Tours, unfortunatly the one in Disneyland Paris is getting older and older while you have the new version in the US... One day I'll come :D

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like my modification. I'm sorry you don't have the new Star Tours. But at least you still have the original one! :)