Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Blog's Description - What the Reader Can Expect from The Poor Grey Pilot

                When I first started this blog I really only had a desire to play the X-wing miniatures game and to write. I didn't know what direction I would want to go in or what really would drive my creative process. Now after a several weeks of posting I feel I can give you a more accurate estimation of this blog and if you, as the reader, will benefit from my articles.
                I will admit that I am not the most experienced player or the most clever. But when I do write about something I feel I have my facts straight and have a solid understanding. As for my strategy, it is a bit on the creative rather than logical side. True, that can lead to stuff that is completely useless to us in the game but it also can lead to some revolutionary ideas. My hope is that a blog filled with "outside-the-box" thinking will help readers find new ways to solve challenges in the X-wing world. For the Ender's Game fans out there you can compare this to Bean's squad of wire jumping hooligans.
                Apart from creative strategy, I hope to give different ways to look at things in-game. There are about mindsets and trends in the meta that I think we can fix to improve both ourselves and the overall game community.
                Also, a big part of delving into the game for me was learning the lore. It's one thing to have a randomly named pilot on a ship card. It is another to know the stories behind each person, especially when you can understand how ingenious Fantasy Flight Games was in creating some of their abilities. I hope to include a little bit of lore with each topic I write on. And hopefully it can help bring the universe alive to you like it did for me.
                If you have read a few of my articles then you've probably deduced that I am a Rebel player. Ever since I was a young boy watching Star Wars I have loved the Alliance and the Jedi. If you are Imperial Loyalist or an "Independent Merchant", please know I respect that and won't bash personal preferences in what I write. And even if I don't play them as much I do Rebels, I have Imperial and Scum ships in my collection as well. Though I can't guarantee constant frequency you can expect to get articles, strategies, and builds of all the factions. It is by understanding each piece and the game as a whole that we can continuously learn and develop our skills.
                As always, feel free to leave comments, tips, discussions, or ideas of posts for me to write. I only ask that responses be respectful to myself and to other readers. So enjoy and read away.

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