Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Poor Grey Pilot - An Introduction to This Blog

                I recently read an article written by Major Juggler about the math behind the deep strategy in X-wing Miniatures. From that reading I discovered two things. The first is the epiphany that my love of this game and my love of writing should be combined. So here I am creating this blog to share my experiences and the things I have learned along the way.
                The second thing I discovered is that my favorite pilot - the poor Gray Squadron Pilot - was a dud. Major Juggler's Math Wing does a wonderful job of numerically showing why some pilots are heavily used in the meta game and why others are virtually forgotten. Here is the quote:

                "The PS4 Gray Squadron Pilot falls into the "PS4 trap" where +1 cost over the PS2 would have been too little, but +2 cost is too much, so the pilot virtually never sees use."

                According to the analysis the true point value of the Gray Squadron Pilot, based off of the effectiveness of a Y-Wing, should have been 1.2 points higher than the Gold Squadron Pilot. However, Fantasy Flight Games doesn't deal in partial points. Instead of making the Gray Squadron Pilot cost 1 more and have a slight advantage they opted to make him cost 2 more and have a slightly bigger disadvantage.
                What can a pilot do to get some respect around here? Not only is his miniatures model the wrong color, he doesn't even get a crew/gunner slot like he did in the Battle of Endor. And now its overpriced to fly him in the game.
                No, honestly, I'm not really upset about it. I just want to have fun and so I will continue running the Gray Squadron Pliot for his pilot skill and that's not going to change. As far as I am concerned, under-ratings in the meta game can quite easily translate to underestimation on the playing field. And that gives me the freedom to fly him unpressured and try new, unexpected things.
                This blog will be about X-Wing strategy, lore, crazy ideas and having fun. If there is anything you want me to analyze in the game, let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading.

Thanks to some repainting, the Poor Grey Pilot now has his own miniature of the correct color. See it here.

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